ALT Linux 8.2 Distro Released with Workstation, Server, and Education Editions

Michael Shigorin of BaseALT Ltd announced the release and general availability for download of the ALT Linux 8.2 computer operating system for desktops, servers, and educational organizations.
Available for both 32-bit and 64-bit installations, ALT Linux 8.2 is here with critical security fixes for various of its core components, including the Linux kernel, OpenSSL, Samba, and other, along with various bug fixes and improvements.
“BaseALT Ltd announces the release of ALT Server, ALT Workstation and ALT Education distributions version 8.2, aimed for corporate servers and desktops, educational and personal use,” reads the release announcement.Here’s what’s new in ALT Linux 8.2
ALT Linux 8.2 now uses iucode-tool to load updated processor microcode on all editions. For desktops, ALT Workstation 8.2 comes bundled with the FreeIPA client and the Chromium web brows… (read more)

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